Our People Promise

This is our promise guaranteeing the best experience for our people. It reflects our brand, our strengths and how we work together to create a positive culture.

As a mutual, we’re proud to have created an environment that focuses on customers, whilst still giving our people a challenge and guiding them through a satisfying journey of personal growth. We’re passionate about attracting the right people; people who naturally fit in with our way of working, whilst bringing new thinking and experience to our team.

In fact, our People Promise shows how much we value your input in everything we do. It took 500 hours of research, engaging more than 60% of our people, but we achieved an honest grasp of what people really thought and what mattered most to them. Here it is…

The four pillars of our people promise

  • Work somewhere Inclusive – Our people want everyone to have the same chances to shine and contribute in their own way. Whoever you are, we want you to feel empowered.
  • Work somewhere Responsible – We thrive on trust and teamwork. Supporting each other brings the best out of all of us and gives us more confidence to push our personal growth.
  • Work somewhere Enjoyable – As a mutual, great relationships are our specialty. That's why we love the people we work with.
  • Work somewhere Fulfilling – This place inspires us do anything for our customers and our colleagues, which reveals the real difference we make to people's lives.

Our People Promise is something we live up to every day. We know we can rely on you, and you can expect plenty from us in return. It shows what we can achieve when we all play our part.