Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jo.

I've worked at Royal London since 2019, I'm based in London and my job title is Head of Group Sustainability (Capability & Engagement). I'm also the co-chair of the PRIDE network.


What does your job involve day-to-day?

No two days are the same, something I love about my job is how varied it is. In just one day I could be working through regulatory requirements on climate disclosures, meeting with the People Team to talk through how we build sustainability and climate capabilities across Royal London. And then be diving into emissions data to track progress towards our commitments and working with my team on how we can have greater impact and achieve our net zero ambitions.

How do you help Royal London to fulfil its Purpose?

That one is easy; one of our three Purpose outcomes is moving fairly to a sustainable world. Everything I do each day is working towards that and the moment it isn't will be the time to re-evaluate.

Tell us why you’re proud to work at Royal London.

Because of the people I work with and because I genuinely believe we want to do good as well as do well. The people are always what makes or breaks an organisation and, for me, all the different people I work with motivate me and make me feel proud to work at Royal London.