Royal London Asset Management

Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) is a unique asset manager with a mutual ownership structure and over 30 years of history delivering key investment strategies in equity and bond investing for its clients. The company manages over £150bn in assets and has a culture of free, fresh, and innovative thinking.  

The company has various teams, including Investments, Distribution (Sales, Client Service, Product Development and Marketing) Change, Technology and Operations, Risk, and Finance, each responsible for different aspects of the business.

Royal London Asset Management's success is built on a culture of fresh and innovative thinking, which results in a measured, stable and independent approach to managing assets. It eschews fads, passing trends or a ‘me too’ take on investing. Our fund managers thoroughly understand the markets they invest in, which gives us the confidence to maintain non-consensus positions where we have strong opinions. If you believe that this then is an environment where you could thrive and develop your career.