A great place to work

We have something called the Spirit of Royal London. These are values closest to our hearts because they reflect daily life here and sustain our ambitions. They inspire us to impress our customers with a higher quality of service. It’s a big claim, but they even create a more open, honest and enjoyable place to work – giving you greater freedom to succeed.

  • We are empowered – We provide people with the tools and authority to act and make decisions. So that everyone here has a voice to improve the way things are done.
  • We are trustworthy – We’re approachable and transparent in the way we interact. We build relationships that are built on trust and respect, delivering mutual benefit.
  • We collaborate – We share our knowledge, developing our expertise and learning from mistakes. We inspire each other to give our best and enjoy our work.
  • We achieve – We go the extra mile to deliver the best outcomes. We’re always looking to do things better and continuously improve our performance.

We think they reflect what we are all about. But for you, they give you the freedom to be your best.

Your wellbeing

We are committed to the wellbeing of everyone across our teams – not just because it means you’ll perform better, but because it’s the right thing to do. We’re doing all we can to raise awareness of the impact a healthy wellbeing can have on our personal and working lives.

Make a difference

Whatever role you play at Royal London, we’re set up for you to make a difference. We listen to what matters to you, take the time to get to know you and give you the freedom to influence us. Everyone has a voice – because inclusion and diversity isn’t just a basic right, it’s a powerful tool.

Outside of Royal London, you can also make a difference in our communities. We believe in being a responsible business and all do our bit – whether it’s reducing our footprint on the environment or volunteering for a worthy cause.